From the Rasberri pi competition to the Innova-Con conference. Edward Leiper wins

As the world prepares for the capabilities of a 5G network now is the time to capitalize on the full potential of The Automobile Sensory System (TASS).

In the event of an automobile accident, TASS would retain detailed crash related information and transmit this data directly to emergency services through a proprietary network.

Therefore, the College of Business student Edward Leiper, developed a project that would help the security safety system in the world thorough the Rasberri Pi competition in school. With help of the college of business professors Edward presented his project in Innova-Con conference 2019 and won second place among other participants.

The project on security innovation entrepreneurial builds credibility that how an information system should be secured and confidential.  It is a feasible idea to help people who face issues related to security of information system.

Edward Leiper

There is a huge market of active security system so development innovative security solution is feasible for the current marketplace. It has estimated that security safety System Company expected to grow by USD 127 billion.

The developed project by Edward is a black box in the car so the system installed in the vehicle that tracks automobile accidence. It has a GPS location and efficient response system to the emergency department to manage the situation promptly. The severity of incidence can be identified with this safety system.

It helps to prevent catastrophic events because the majority of deaths came before accident treatment. Once the accident starts the real problem start and emergency department should respond within a time.

Edward Leiper

The safety system has an artificial system that protects person and gets an early recovery with this device. This safety device has an incentive for buyer such as lower insurance rate. Every commercial vehicle had threshold breaks to make sure safety practices. The data directly connect with the insurance company as well.

This shows how this product beneficial for stakeholders.  There are certainly available competitors that provide safety security for the automobile. Thus, this product is a feasible environment product with additional features and this product will get higher intention.

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