“The Cooperative spirit of our class enhanced the project greatly.”

Guest Blogger: Laura Gaydusek

Throughout the semester, I have had the privilege of participating in a unique project with my Marketing Management class under the supervision of Dr. Cudmore. Our entire class acted as one team with different subdivisions. Each and every member of the class has put forth a tremendous amount of effort and I am very proud to call myself a member of this group. Despite our effort and successes, we have faced some challenges. Due to the amount of time put forth towards this project, it was tough to manage this along with three other graduate classes and a job, but it is proving to be well worth it. The cooperative spirit of our class enhanced the project greatly.


One of my tasks was to distribute and analyze pre-event surveys, in order to obtain our fellow on-campus students’ opinions. Analyzing surveys was found to be more challenging than expected. I have learned the importance of survey results and how essential it is to create a survey that will accurately represent the respondents’ opinions. Throughout this project and with the help of Dr. Cudmore, I have also learned how important market research is. Open lines of communication with my fellow team members and Dr. Cudmore allowed the project to move along smoothly. The group consists of three directors and four team leaders, and the remaining students are team members. It proved to be a challenge trying to communicate and report to seven different managers. If we were to redo the project, I would suggest having fewer ‘department heads’ and more ‘team members’. Overall, the project was rewarding and a huge success. I appreciate the cooperation and input from all of the participants and everything Dr. Cudmore has done to help us.


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