The Florida Tech Student Business Incubator: Making Dreams a Reality

Have you ever heard of the Florida Tech student business incubator?  If not, then you are reading a highly informative blog by a highly biased student.  It is awesome—plain and simple! The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business has created this “classroom” where student desks are replaced with computer desks and sofas, boring lectures are replaced with interactive presentations and students hang out and work on their business ideas with the hope to develop them into marketable innovations.

Where is this awesome place you might ask yourself?  Located on the second floor of University Plaza, a plaza where local haunt Old School Pizzeria calls home, the incubator is a two-room suite filled with shear awesomeness.  The student business incubator is a collaboration of several faculty members including Dr. Benjamin, Dr. Carstens, Mr. Hylton, Dr. Perez and Dr. Walton.  This space is the main classroom for students in the innovation and entrepreneurship master’s program (MSIE). At any time of day, you can walk in and check out what MSIE students are innovating on. They are active entrepreneurs that will change the world. And if you think I am done bragging about the student business incubator, you are wrong.  The Nathan M. Bisk College of Business will be the first Florida Tech department to own a 3D printer for quick prototyping and product development for student projects.  How cool is that?

So if you have an idea, whether you are in the MSIE program or not, come on over to see if we can help you with it. Some of our services include how to set your pitch or how to do efficient market research. I have only been here for two months and this program has already been more valuable to me than any of my other degrees.

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