The Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a DBA Degree

Saying “yes” to a DBA degree may be just what you need to become a leader in your field

A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree is a practice-based program of study that requires research and development of business practices in order to learn how to respond to business challenges. This doctoral level degree is one of the highest levels of education in the area of business administration. Here are some of the top reasons to pursue a DBA degree.

1. MBAs are in abundance.

The number of people getting an MBA has rapidly increased because of colleges heavily marketing this degree. Additionally, there is widespread perception that MBAs qualify workers for management and promotions. The glut of MBAs mean that having one will not distinguish you as well-prepared in your field or qualify you as well for management jobs in today’s business climate. Getting a DBA may well be the equivalent of getting an MBA 20 years ago.

2. You want an executive job.

While an MBA might have qualified you for an executive position a decade or two ago, the requirements have been ratcheted up in light of the sheer number of MBAs out there. If your ultimate goal is to get an executive position, a DBA will give you a much better chance to do so and will show that you have gone as far as you can to prepare yourself for this position.

Benefits of a Doctor of Business Administration Degree
A DBA degree gives practical leadership skills, not just academic knowledge.

3. To gain an advantage over your competition.

Similar to the previous reasons, a DBA degree will help you gain a competitive advantage over those who only have an MBA or other master’s degree. You will learn specific leadership skills designed for upper management and executive positions, and you will study cutting-edge business management practices and trends that will help you to articulate a skilled and experienced approach to helping run a business.

4. It’s an advanced degree that is not purely academic.

The alternative to the DBA degree, a Ph.D. in business administration, is sometimes viewed as a purely academic degree that doesn’t have enough practical application to business today. Many who get Ph.D. degrees end up teaching rather than working for a company, but DBA graduates are seen as having more practical skills that translate well to an executive team.

5. To keep up with increasing amounts of information.

In all fields, the amount of data and information available has increased exponentially because of the internet and the advent of “big data” systems that have a nearly limitless capacity. Business is no different, and now business leaders need to learn much more than they ever used to in order to have a working understanding of what’s going on in the field. DBA degrees are well-suited to give them this “big picture” viewpoint while also emphasizing how to put their newfound knowledge into practice in new and innovative ways.

The benefits of a Doctor of Business Administration degree answer a definitive yes to the question, is a DBA degree worth it? Learn more about our DBA program to see how Florida Tech can give you the edge you need to achieve your goals.


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