The X-Culture Project: A Unique Opportunity

Guest Blogger, Brandon Crane, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

I am very excited to start the X-Culture Project because I get a chance that no one else does, to work with people that are thousands of miles away. I have made contact with all my partners from each corner of the globe, including Columbia, the UK and Africa. Each person on my team has shared things about themselves with the rest of the group which has helped to make this project easier because we know each of us is unique and works in different ways. The best part about this project to me is that I am going to have friends from across the globe that I can learn while continuing my education at Florida Institute of Technology. I feel it is very important to become as open to the entire world in order to have the chance to be prepared for a global job. I think I can also benefit from this project by being able to manage on a global scale in the event I am working between other counties in the future.

When thinking about the work that is to come involving the X-Culture Project I am a little worried about how the distance and the language barriers between me and my partners will affect the outcome because I have never been involved in something like this. The project is a perfect way to gain that experience for the future, but as of right now everything has been good and no problems have arisen as we have actively communicated our project’s topic company and already looking to the future steps. The one way to fix this problem is the use of technologies like email, Facebook and Skype, which is all the easier since each of my partners can access these easily. The use of technologies like this makes the world much smaller and easier to communicate faster in the allowed time period of the project. Everyone seems to be very active and hardworking in school so I feel confident that we will do a great job on the project and will accomplish our tasks on time.


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