The X-Culture Project: So Excited

Guest Blogger, Yu-Hua Chen, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Our team consists of six members. My teammates are from Columbia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ghana, and Barbados. However, the person who is from Barbados has not shown up, and I hope he will contact us soon. Fortunately, most of our members speak fluent English. I just hope that they can understand my English since I’m one of the few members whose mother language is not English.

Our first obstacle was the means of communication. Because we all live in different time zones. It’s definitely not easy to set up a voice call meeting, and sometimes, waiting for a quick response from other members can be challenging, too. To keep a quick update for the group, we created a group on Facebook to discuss our project so that members can follow up what has been going on easily. Our team is inactive so far; because it is the beginning of the project, and we do not have a lot of assigned works this week. It’s mostly about getting to know each other in the team. I believe that our team will participate in this project more and cooperate to complete this project. At least, we reached a consensus in our first task – choosing a target company for our project.

Yu-Hua Chen, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

X-Culture is a fascinating project. It makes six people form different countries and different schools group together. I had never imagined this would be happened before I knew the project. I feel so excited, even though I know it will be a thorny path. I believe that I can hack my way through difficulties and learn how to complete a work that requires communication and absorption different points of view.


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