This Will Be On The Test!

What do you do when you miss a class but don’t want to fall behind? The widespread implementation of learning management systems (LMS) has alleviated many of the woes associated with missing classes because of sports or other extracurricular commitments. Most professors at least share a course syllabus with important dates and assignments, some share PowerPoint slides and others go even further. However there is still one absolutely critical aspect of classroom learning that most LMSs (and the professors who use them) don’t address…note taking. Enter Stoopidnotes. Stoopidnotes is a brand new note sharing platform developed for Florida Tech students by Florida Tech students that is gaining popularity.

In her article written for the Florida Tech Crimson Lindsay Isaac talks to the students who created Stoopidnotes and learns how it came to be and how it could shake things up on the Florida Tech campus. The platform allows students to share a wide variety of useful information previously only found in the classroom like practice tests and problems, study guides and of course notes.

“The website, created for students by students, launched at the end of October and already has over 200 users.

Students who register for Stoopidnotes are able to search for notes by professor’s name, course name or the name of the student who uploaded the notes. The website rewards Top Note Takers, also referred to as TNTs, through a point system. Users have the ability to like files posted on Stoopidnotes. When a student’s file is upvoted or when a student uploads notes, that student receives points.

‘The idea for Stoopidnotes began as an assignment for Business Plan Research class,’ said founder of Stoopidnotes Kevin Jackman, a senior majoring in business administration and marketing.”

If you missed a class, aren’t a strong note-taker or just want to make sure you didn’t miss anything before a big test, you can jump on Stoopidnotes and compare your notebook to your classmates’. This platform provides a powerful resource not just for student athletes but any student who wants to get the most out of their time in the classroom.

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