Walk-A-Thon For A New Heart: The Power of Human Kindness

Guest Blogger: Kaylin Jaichon, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

We are another day closer to hosting the Walk-A-Thon For A New Heart. We have had a great response from the campus community about getting the word out and rallying support for the St. Amour family during this difficult time. I’d like to share with you all the meaning and importance of all your support by giving you insight on to how Yielleen (Marie’s daughter) feels about your efforts.

I talked with Yielleen and she relayed deep thanks for everyone who has donated both time and money to assist with getting her mother’s the transplant she desperately needs. I asked her two questions, which you will read below. Before you read, I ask that you truly take in the words and feel the emotion that this young woman exudes.

1) What does Walk-A-Thon For A New Heart mean to you?



I used to feel like I am alone in this battle, but the Walkathon makes me feel that there are people who really do care about others in this world. I’ve always asked myself why my mother used to help so many people, but now, I truly understand why. It is because one day, things will change, and you will need someone to help you, to care for you, and to support you. Therefore, the walkathon means a lot to me, not only because it is raising awareness to save my mother’s life, but also because it is making me see the world differently.


2) How do you felt after receiving your mother’s diagnosis?



Life is definitely unpredictable, and if one only focuses on the present issues being dealt with, discouragement can take over. Seeing my mother, who used to be a very active woman, not being able to do certain things now makes me wonder what life is all about. I used to read that life is a constant trial, but now I am definitely experiencing that life is an eternal battle. As a daughter, I am doing everything that is in my power to support her the same way she’s been supporting me as a mother. A mother really means the world; cherish her!


To find out more or donate visit:


www.giveforward.com, Name: Marie Andree St Amour

For tax deductible donations, the Vine Ministry has agreed to receive funds:

Vine Ministry Inc

Tax ID: 58-1934939

P.O. Box 967

Goshen, IN, 46527

Memo: For Marie’s surgery



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