Why I Love the College of Business

Pictured: Stephen Kies and Dr. Carstens

By Stephen Kies

My name is Stephen Kies and I am currently a sophomore studying Business – Information Systems with a minor in Sustainability. I work on campus in the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business as a Research Assistant. I am very pleased with what the College of Business here offers, and am excited for what’s in store.


Working Here in the CoB

I have the special opportunity of working as a student researcher in the College of Business under one of the professors, Dr. Deborah Carstens. This job has been nothing but a great experience to add to my resume and has opened many networking doors already. I am not limited to simple research, but am working on a couple important projects. Two of the main projects are a Usability research study that I get to publish as a second author on and a grant-funded government accountability study. Publishing and grant experience, two very great things.


Classes and Professors

The College of Business is unique from the other colleges in that it is smaller. We do not have as many students as the other colleges on campus, which really allows more interaction in the classroom. All of the professors I have had are very friendly, and most importantly, reachable. They take time to learn the names of their students, and almost always have office hours available outside of class for help.



There is great student diversity in the classroom as there are many different nationalities represented on our campus. The CoB’s International Business major alone attracts many. I see this as a wonderful attribute because it gives you additional knowledge of other cultures as well as great interacting skills. Many classes require working on team projects, and often the teams will be random. You learn to work with others and overcome issues like language barriers.


The College of Business presents many ways for students to get in touch with the real business world. They have relevant speakers come and share their experiences and knowledge, put on ethics breakfasts, and promotes internships. Each of these gives the students who attend a chance to meet professionals. The professors also have extended work experience in their field and are very willing to help students branch out. Each student as a senior undergoes a Business practicum that pairs you up with a local company in your field. This can and has often led to pre-graduation job offers.


Tips for Success

The greatest advice I can offer is to get involved. Whether it be volunteering to help out a professor in your intended field, attending events, or participating in one of the many Business organizations on campus, all relevant experience will help you in the future. There are many opportunities, but you must take advantage of them.

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