Womens Business Center Offers Planning for Success

MELBOURNE, FLA. — The Florida Tech Women’s Business Center (WBC) presents “Planning for Success” on Tuesday, Oct. 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. The seminar costs $25.
Men and women are welcome to attend.

This seminar looks at typical issues of concern to businesses such as knowing who your ideal customer is and growing your business. It will offer guidance
in business plans, defining your vision and mission, and the next steps in building a successful business.

Facilitator Tom Fulmer is a certified human behavior consultant and the founder Of Success Essentials, a company dedicated to helping businesses and people
better manage their time, increase sales, and create stronger relationships with staff and clients. He has trained people from companies such as Google,
Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney and Kennedy Space Center.

The workshop is sponsored by the WBC at Florida Tech. It will be held on campus in the Link Building, Room 327. For more information and to sign up, call
(321) 674-7007.

The WBC offers well-equipped facilities conveniently located at Florida Tech; teachers, mentors and volunteers with expertise and business knowledge;
partnering with community organizations for broad outreach; and training and resources that are onsite and online to accommodate busy schedules and provide
easy access.

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