X-Culture: How to Become a Leader

Guest Blogger: SungWook Park, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Leader has job a lot, so maybe people doesn’t want to do it. When we have a group then we have to have a leader. How do we choose a leader? In Asia culture usually oldest people become a leader. It doesn’t matter sex either girl or boy. What about western culture? I think western is very flexible.

During X-culture, our team leader is youngest. He lives in England so very proactive.

How he becomes a leader of this team. I think it has several reasons. First reason is Language advantage. X-culture is base on English project. My team leader’s mother language is English. Other members are not. Instead of him, English is second or third language for other members. If this X-culture base on French then French member becomes leader. If project Korean or Japanese then I could become leader maybe. Second reason is proactive. Just I said being proactive is very important being leader. It is not only this time project but also any other working situation or project. I was very impressive about his working attitude.


I don’t know how other group choose or decide leader. But maybe most leaders have common sense. Being leader then please become proactive person.


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