X-Culture: A Competitive Advantage

Guest Blogger: David Glenister, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

With our final draft submitted, X-culture is officially completed. I am impressed my team and I could create a 35 page document with substantial ideas and supporting information about our company and a plan for them to enter a new market.

Looking back on the project, I am glad I did it. I found it fun meeting the new students and collaborating on various topics. I am also impressed at how fluid my team worked in the sense that there were almost no issues regarding completing work on time or getting in touch with people when necessary. I am glad I had such a hard working team. I feel this helped my view on the overall project.

Would I do it again? Only if our group was able to meet up in person at the completion of the report. I feel it would be fun to actually meet the teammates I worked with over the last few months.

I found it to be a good learning experience in collaboration and working with people from different cultures and can easily see how situations like this will arise once I enter the business working world. Hopefully this will provide me with a competitive advantage over my peers once I head out on the job hunt.

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