X-Culture: A Great Experience

Guest Blogger: Miguel A. Alicea, Jr., Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The X-culture assignment has been very interesting the past couple of months. I got to meet some new friend from all over the world and it was great fun interacting with them. Together we were able to complete so much and were able to hand in our final paper. After weeks of meetings on Skype we were able to go with the Columbia company Alpina. This company is one of the biggest and well known dairy companies in South America. After deciding on our company we quickly figured out what product chain we wanted to expand, and for us it was to create a new line of tasty, healthy, and nutritious line of yogurt dips ranging in all sorts of flavors to use for parties, daily meals, and snacking.


Our team worked long and hard, and it was amazing to see so much effort from people with different cultures. after choosing our company and product, we had great discussions on where to launch our product. Would we continue to expand in south america, and increase our brand awareness or was it finally time to move to north america? We chose to enter the U.S. because there we had a huge market, not a lot of people knew about Alpina, and everyone is trying to get healthier. All in all it has been a great experience trying to get everything together, and i hope all our hard work is reflected in our final grade.


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