X-Culture: A Lasting Impression

Guest Blogger: Andrew Bartlett, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


With X Culture ending, our team has said it’s goodbyes referring to the project, but still have a connection through Facebook as I am friends with all nine guys that were on my team. I look to continue to keep in touch with these guys and see how they are doing from time to time. Just yesterday I saw a member of my group uploading a Facebook picture of him as a DJ for a club on my news feed on Facebook, and feel we are still a part of each other’s lives. I am glad I made some friends from all over the world. Referring to the overall experience, X Culture was really great. I felt as though I learned how to manage my time well and communicate clearly with people through Skype and Facebook. I felt that our team did a great job of getting to project in on time and having plenty of time to edit the project and not feel the pressure of the final deadline. I enjoy working in teams, and this project was definitely a fun experience to be a part of. I felt that being aggressive and putting alot of effort into the project made it run much smoother than I anticipated in the beginning. The language barrier did not show to be as difficult to communicate as I thought it might be originally. I would encourage teams to use Skype conversations because I felt that talking to people over the phone helped people keep to their word on doing parts of the project. This is one of the most real world experiences I’ve had in college and really enjoyed every aspect of the project

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