X-Culture: A Pretty Interesting Experience

Guest Blogger: Miguel Alicea, Jr., Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

It’s my Senior year here at FIT, and one of my final classes is International Business. I’ve heard a lot of things about Mr. Muth’s class some good some bad, but the one thing that everyone kept talking about is the X-Culture Project. For the project you have to rely on people from around the world to finish, and to tell you the truth I was quite excited to get a chance to work with an international group.


After a couple weeks I finally got assigned to group 10. In my group i got people from Barbados, Columbia, Ghana, England, and Thailand. One of the first challenges i noticed was, is how are we gonna be able to sync up a meeting between everyone? Somehow we were able to manage a meeting between most of the team members and i got to hear and meet with Shanael from Barbados, Felipe from Columbia, and Helene from England. Each person has their own personality and skills that they bring to the table. We are moving ahead with the project and getting creating some good ideas. I’m not quite sure how this project will end, but i’m sure it will be a pretty interesting experience.


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