X-Culture: A Rocky Ending, But Overall a Wonderful Experience

Guest Blogger: Benjamin Thomas, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Durring this project we have been through some ups and downs and had a few rough patches, but now that X-Culture is over…it was all worth it. This project has really taught me how much we rely on using cellphones for phone calling and text messaging and how in this project that was just not an option. Luckily we have Facebook to use and can use the chat feature but only if the person you need to talk to is online, otherwise its a sit and wait game. I’m glad that I have taken this course since it has opened my eyes to new cultures, economies and how basically another country functions. I really feel like this has also helped open my eyes to foreign policies and how other countries value things like weight and beautification over other issues.


During this project I wish I would have taken a few different approaches to things. I would have liked to have done was a Skype, oVo conversation, or voice chat with all of my teammates. I believe this could have helped us mesh a little better and understand where everyone was coming from.I would have to say that I would like to have done differently was to take the time to have really appreciated what this project meant. It kind of came down to the wire at the end, but I wish that we could have spent some more time and really understood that this could be a very viable option for this country to enter into this new market.

I have to say that from the beginning I was quite skeptical, but at the end of this project I am very happy to have gone through this. I think that overall I am very happy and wouldn’t have changed much from what I did.



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