X-Culture: Added Dynamics

Guest Blogger: James DiBella

With this being my first semester taking business classes I was hoping for a nice easy transition into the field to gain some experience for the future. The x-culture project provided just what I was looking for. The group worked quite well together and our project was completed with few perceptible difficulties.

From what I understand my experience was different from most, since I happen to run the company that the group worked on. However this fact added to our group dynamic and I believe it was one of the reasons for the group performing as well as we did. My knowledge of the company allowed me to take the lead and become the overarching supervisor, while one of my teammates took on the managerial role of distributing work and providing deadlines for the rest of the team. This dynamic allowed our group to complete the project on time and with little difficulty. Overall X-culture was a satisfying endeavor that provided some of the experience I was looking for and I would certainly participate again.

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