X-Culture: An Experience to Remember

Guest Blogger: Anurag Kadam, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The x- culture project will probably become one of the best experiences of my school life. It’s all about working together with people of various backgrounds and cultures. It’s been three weeks since the school started and its going much better than expected. Our team consists of 5 people from various countries such as Netherlands, Brazil, India, New Zealand, Columbia, and Malaysia. It has been great to know people from such various backgrounds. We have been successful in introducing to each other. It is going to be challenging, since we all have different native languages and different time zones, but challenge is what we are here for.

We started emailing each other in the first two weeks and came up with some common means for contact. We started by creating a Facebook group for usual file sharing and posting links. Moving on we started a Whatsapp group, whatsapp is a messaging application for all the smartphone and it’s a great way to remind people on the upcoming events and deadlines. Our group is very efficient and we are always working to get things done on time. Also last week we submitted our team charter which included the tasks done by everyone, out contact details, and various means of communication. In overall, it’s a fantastic start to the project and I hope it gets better and more enjoyable during the semester.

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