X-Culture: An Eye Opener

Guest Blogger: Haren Lalchand, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

In the end I feel that the most important lesson gained from this entire experience is that with the exception of dealing with working around time working on this project, there has not really been any different from working with a local group.


This might not apply to everyone involved in this project though, I myself am not from the US and have dealt with many cultures and found this project do be work as usual. The thing that really caught me off guard is talking to my classmates and finding their experiences. Some people just don’t understand that there exist culture that are very different to their own and expect everyone to follow their line of reasoning. I’m sorry to say but this doesn’t work..


Overall i think this project was an eye opener for the majority of the people involved, I just dont think it meant too much to myself. Business doesn’t exist in a vacuum and the US is not the only nation in existence IT was almost funny watching a few people squirm as they tried to reconcile the differences between teammates, and i think a lot of people have been significantly changed by this experience for the better.


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