X-Culture: An Unexpected Challenge

Guest Blogger: Chongwen Bi, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

At the very beginning of this semester, which is my first semester in America, I thought it would be a challenge to work with local students. What was unexpected, I was informed there was an X – Culture Project and work with students from almost every single continent. Among my teammates, there is one from the country I even have not heard before. Different culture, different language, different time and everything is different, the only common point is that we have the same mission. Whatever, it’s my mission and I have to complete it.

After we communicated with each other, I found it was not that awful. On opposite, working with them and broadening my sight make me so delighted. Now, we chat everyday and everything goes well. Making an agreement on which company to choose after our discussion is a good example. It means we can make it according to the schedule. What’s more, we have become to friends only after a week. I think I have no reason to be not willing to go on this work. What is the only thing I need to do is being confident. When we finish all the work, I believe, I will acquire a big sense of achievement.


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