X-Culture: Better than Expected

Guest Blogger: Zhiyun Wang, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

At the beginning of the X-culture project, I thought it would be very difficult to do this project well, because we could not discuss issues or problems face to face and it was hard to make decisions quickly. For example, someone just did not participate on a discussion and other team members made a temporary decision. However, few days later this person did not agree the decision. We had to discuss the same issue again and again, so the process of making decisions is much longer than normal team project.

Moreover, it is difficult to allocate assignments fairly. in my team, one team member did not put any effort into the project; other members have to do more work. Fortunately, most team members are very conscientious. The project report contains 12 points and each team member do 2 to 3 points. One team member worked as a leader to give everyone feedback after we submit the draft. We do some changes follow the feedback. Finally, he put all parts together and did a final review. We can work effective and discuss issues through Internet. The final result of the project is much higher than my initial forecast. The project is much better than I expect.


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