X-Culture: Better Than Expected

Guest Blogger: Vandana Daryanani, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business Student


Being a business major student from the time I entered college I was introduced to courses like global business where we were taught how international trade and commerce has made the world flat. We also learned about how companies do business overseas and what are the challenges that they had to overcome while doing business abroad. Now for the first time with this X-Culture project we would get the opportunity of working collaboratively with students from different universities around the world and get a practical experience on how things work in the real world. I am sure it is going to be challenging project as we all belong to different cultures and would have different communication styles, but in my opinion this is indeed going to be a great learning experience for everyone who is a part of it.

Guest Blogger: James Mannara

James Mannara, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

I originally heard about this X-culture project last semester from teammates of mine and heard it was a solid pain-in-the-butt project. Knowing it was my turn for the project this semester there was no way to prolong the inevitable. After getting the guidelines and instructions it still sounded dreadful. But after talking with my peers that are in my group it feels like I’m going to be in a lot better shape than I thought. I can’t imagine this project without facebook, email, skype, or google +.Thank you technology, now please work this semester.

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