X-Culture: Breaking Down Culture Barriers

Guest Blogger: Craig Svec, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

After the initial formation of our team we began to work on our common goal. With a group of about 8 we began almost immediately on it. Communication issues arose quite often but the positive attitudes and overall eagerness of everyone to put an effort out to ensure our success ruled over the issues we had. When we had finally gotten our rough draft put together we began proofing it to ensure all the parts were up to par. I found issues with plagiarism which were dealt with quickly. Most issues such as that were simply miscommunications with what is acceptable in each culture. This project so far has provided me with an insight into different cultures and how to work with cultural barriers.


Guest Blogger: Danielle O’Brien, Nathan M. Bisk College student

I am finding the project to be very interesting. I have learned a lot about the other members of my team. As a team we have grown closer together and found common ground even though we all come from different backgrounds.

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  1. Very few people are aware about the importance of culture in today’s society. With a globalised world around us it is important to be aware of the cultural barriers and how we can overcome them. Good one Craig…way to go 🙂

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