X-Culture: Building Good Relationships

Guest Blogger: Miao Zhang

After several weeks we built very good relationship between each of our team members, everyone plays important role in this project, except one from UK, he disappeared for two or three weeks because of illness, but before we did the draft of final report he came back and really did some work for us, I feel very lucky because my classmate’s team members are not participate in their project, not like us.

In our group we have very specific target for each member and we have the notice for deadline, we discuss for the problems we met almost everyday, we built a google doc to write the draft, that’s interesting, everyone of us can edit it. That’s really amazing feeling that you see a draft from blank became to a several pages paper.

What makes me feel very moved is everyone in my team are very responsible for our draft, they read it several times to find grammar mistakes and other very detail mistakes, our team is really awesome!

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