X-Culture: Challenging, but Exciting!

Guest Blogger: Chris Fox, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Chris Fox

The X Culture project is going as planned up to this point. Each section submitted thus far has been of high quality. As long as each active member contributes, we should be able to complete the report on time. We decided to each take a separate section of the project. I’m a bit disappointed that collaboration has been minimal, but this method works for the majority of the team. I am happy to say that I’ve witnessed diverse cultures interacting, and I’ve made friends during the project.


Guest Blogger: Yielleen St. Amour, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Yielleen St. Amour

We are now just a few days away from submitting our first draft. I believe that my team members did a great job at meeting the deadline of that we had given to ourselves. Now, we have to proofread the document and do the references list, and believe it or not, these are consuming a lot of time and energy. As I was expecting, there are language barriers, and the document needs to be read with caution in order to catch every single mistake that may lie between those lines.

I love the experience of being able to interact with other people from other cultures. I feel like it’s preparing me for the workforce; it’s like I’m in an internship now. This experience made me value teamwork more as I would, by myself, never be able to finish such a project in such restrained amount of time. My team members are dynamic and show serious engagement in the process.

I think that my team did a decent job at writing the proposal. The X-Culture experience is very challenging, but definitely exciting at the same time.


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