X-Culture: Collaborating Together to Produce a Great Piece of Work

Guest Blogger: Brenda Oliva, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


Hearing that I would have to participate in the X-Culture Project, remembered me of my days in high school. Studying at an international college, I was given the opportunity of working with people of different cultures and broaden my knowledge of how others work. As a Business Administration student, I plan to travel a lot and keep integrating myself to the custom of working with people of diverse backgrounds and work ethics. The project will force us to learn and adapt to our teammates work schedule which is different since most reside in other countries with different time zones.

My team for the X-Culture Project currently consists of people from Ghana, Colombia, UK, Kazakhstan, Barbados, and me from the USA. In the beginning it was a little complicated for all team members to communicate and finding a time that would suit all that wouldn’t be something like at 3a.m.. Luckily all my team members are fluent in English and we haven’t encountered a problem in which someone doesn’t understand the context of someone’s email. I looking forward to learn about customs, ethics, and traditions in Ghana and Kazakhstan since I have never worked with people of those countries and I have never visited them also. I had the opportunity of visiting UK, Colombia, and Barbados before and somewhat know information about their traditions.

In conclusion, I am really excited and motivated to work with my team members and all of us collaborating together to produce a great piece of work. This is a great experience that should be adapted to more universities.


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