X-Culture: Communication is Key

Guest Blogger: Tara Pam, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Over the course of these couple weeks, communication has been the key to the success of my team and me. About two weeks ago, we completed the task of choosing which team members were going to do what sections of the project. Thankfully, there was no argument or confusion because everyone was satisfied with their decision. Instead of the team leader assigning the sections, each team member got to choose for themselves and I’m positive it them feel empowered as it did to me.

Also, trust has been a very important factor because there is only so much we can do for each other in terms of making sure the work gets done. So we have to entrust each other to complete their parts so that the project comes together.

I’m in charge of writing the Executive Summary for my team and this means that I especially rely on my teammates to get their parts done before I can begin. So far, all except one team member have submitted their part but I’m confident that we will have everything together before the deadline. I look forward and I’m excited to see the completion of this project!

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