X-Culture: Crossing Into New Territory

Guest Blogger: James DiBella

After the first 2 weeks of participating in the X-culture project, I am happy to say everything is going smoothly. I have contacted all of the members of my group through email and we have set up a Facebook group to better communicate, which has allowed us to share and find out more about one another. As far as I can tell everyone seems interested in participating in the project and I’m hoping that interest is sustained throughout course of the project.

I’m lucky to have been able to include my own company to be used for this project as we are hoping to find new viable markets for our projected expansion over the next 2-3 years. The product we sell is highly specialized and I am interested in hearing what my group members think about both the product as well as getting their feedback as we work through picking a new market and mode of entry for that market. As a PhD chemistry student this is my first year taking any kind of business courses and I believe this project will be a great way to gain experience.

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