X-Culture: Daily Communication

Guest Blogger: Benjamin Blach

So far, the X-Culture assignment has been really interesting. I have been communicating with my teammates on a daily basis for last couple months. My team member from Mexico has been doing a great job and has been pushing people to do their parts. There are two people on my team that have not been responding for the last couple weeks. A girl from India has not been responding, but she told us a couple weeks ago that she was going to be in Malaysia for a while and that she would not have internet access. The other person who is not responding is from the United States; we have been having problems with him since the beginning of the project. He appears every couple weeks and acts like he is going to help and then never does. Right now there are four people who are actively participating. The report seems to be coming along pretty well, and the four of us have been getting along very well and working hard. It will be interesting to see if the other two members will show up before the project is over.

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