X-Culture: Effective Communication

Guest Blogger: David Johannessen

When we look back on the things we have done we always look for the good things.  This project was a success on multiple fronts.  Our group learned how to effectively communicate over great distances and different time zones.  We worked together in order to let everyone do what they do well.  If we had a good leader our team was mature enough to let them lead and we really benefited from this.

Taking a step back to look at what we accomplished, our group could’ve done much better.  Some of our group had bigger projects going on.  Personally I struggled with playing sports and focusing on the task at hand.  Being on a bus three times a week makes communication especially difficult.

If I were to do all of this again I wouldn’t necessarily change anything other than having more communication with my teammates.  This would’ve sped up the process and they all seemed like people I would like to get to know more.

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