X-Culture: Embrace or Avoid: Taking on a Challenge

Guest Blogger: Daniela Martinez, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Just like in the real world many of us are or will be exposed to socializing or doing business with different cultures. In our International Business course through the X-Culture project we are learning how to confront one life’s many challenges. In my group we have people who live in Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia, New Zealand, India, and Netherlands, but that does not mean they are natives of the country; like myself since I was born in Honduras but I am an American citizen.


I consider that it is a great experience because we need to learn how to work ahead of time because of the difference in time zones and our own schedules. As of now 6 out 7 teammates are actively contributing. We hope that the does not continue to be the case. A great detail about this project is that we are able to infom the teachers who is and not contributing to the work. Regardless of the ups and downs we will be facing it is challenge that each of us will either embrace or avoid.

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