X-Culture: Exciting and Overwhelming

Guest Blogger: Ayla Chase, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

My initial impression on the  X-Culture Project it is certainly both exciting and a bit overwhelming. To realize that we are creating, managing, and finalizing an entire project without ever meeting one another; the entire project will be done via online- or other means of long distance communication. Although this presents some obvious complications there are definitely some unique qualities to this diverse project. First off, this project enables the groups to get relatively realistic situational experience in that we all may one day be expected to run an operation or project solely off of long distance means such as this! The greatest aspect of this project outside of the evident experience opportunity is that we get to meet some students taking the same course as us- in different areas of the world. I have been quite fortunate and have traveled quite immensely: throughout Europe, Africa, North America, and Puerto Rico and with continuous ambitions to travel even more this project enables me to meet people in other cultures. Overall I am certainly optimistic about the group project and the group itself; I believe each of us will be able to overcome any/all obstacles presented and deliver an outstanding project whiles simultaneously learning a little bit more about the world outside of our own.

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