X-Culture: EXtreme EXperience

by Yielleen St. Amour, Business Administration ’13

The X-Culture project is a great experience for international students. The idea to team with many other students from different countries is very exciting! I am looking forward to reading my team’s finished business proposal. This kind of project is what really gives business students a complete understanding of what the market place has to offer and what the workforce looks like. If a student graduates and doesn’t know those two things, it may be hard for him/her to succeed professionally.

Working on a global team project is the best experience ever. No matter what difficulties I may encounter, I will keep my positivity as I strongly believe that this is an experience of a lifetime. Therefore, I am ready to face the challenges and overcome them successfully. I am very excited to be part of the X-Culture Project.

I know for sure that having participated in X-Culture will look great on my resume, but most importantly, the opportunity to work with other people in different countries, with different background and points of view is getting me ready for the prolific and diverse workforce waiting for me in the real world. I believe that the X-Culture Project gives students like me the insights needed in order to enter the workforce.

X-Culture is definitely an extreme experience!

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