X-Culture: Facebook Friends to Start Off

Guest Blogger: Miao Zhang

This week we finally began our x-culture project, and I met several teammates, I’m very excited, I contact them immediately, and we formed a Facebook group: X- culture friends.


The first one is an undergraduate student in US, he told us he recently married his best friend, see his profile photo! How happy he is!

The second one is a MBA student in Thailand, she has a job now, and she likes doing yoga and baking, I like her because she’s kind and would like to sleep late to have a video meeting with us.

The third girl comes from Malaysia, now living in Miami, FL, she’s outgoing and funny, we exchanged phone number and added friends on WhatsApp, she also have a part time job, that made me feel like I maybe need a part time job too, what makes her amazing is she have been to over 10 countries, that’s awesome!

The forth boy lives in Mexico, he can write poems and short novels, and he likes to play guitar, it’s him who created this group for us.

The fifth is from the UK, he came in our group yesterday, replaced the sixth Indian guy, I don’t know why our team member changed, we don’t have enough time to get to know him, but later we will know each other very well.

The last one is me, contrast to other team members it seems like I don’t have any amazing skills, or any interesting facts, it’s kind of embarrassed, I think I need to learn some skills, and I need a part time job.

I like my team, everyone reply email fast, it’s important, I think we can do this project perfect

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