X-Culture: Feeling Confident

Guest Blogger: Dave Glenister, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business

I am now almost halfway through my X-Culture experience, and I can say I have been enjoying my time working with my international teammates. As expected, there was a period of a few weeks where a couple of my teammates were not communicating with the group, but luckily for my team, the two members popped back up and were eager to help.


In roughly a week, our first draft of the assignment is due. This will be an interesting week because it is the true test of how our team has been coordinating and working over the previous weeks. Although I have heard horror stories about plagiarism, poor work quality, or members simply not completing their tasks, I have confidence my group will be able to submit a solid first draft.


Since my last blog, my group has decided on who needs to complete what tasks and a rough outline of when the work needs to be completed by. I have been impressed about how diligent my team members, as a whole, have been about staying in contact with each other. I am optimistic that this will continue throughout the remainder of our project.


After we submit our first draft next week, all we will have remaining to complete is our final draft and finishing touches on the project.


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