X-Culture: First Impressions

Guest Blogger: Raymond Maggi, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The second after being introduced to the X-Culture project, I immediately saw an opportunity to expand my network of friends throughout the world. Now only two weeks in, my teammates and I have all contacted each other expressing our thoughts on the best way we felt possible to accomplish our goals by the end of the semester.


My team consists of undergraduate and graduate students from the Netherlands, India, New Zealand, Colombia, Brazil and Malaysia. And to be honest I am very impressed with their commitment and excitement that they bring each and everyday. We have contacted each other through e-mail, WhatsApp, facebook and skype. Having a facebook group allows us all to write on the same page and express any thoughts or concerns on daily activities or assignments that may come up throughout the semester.


With not having much international experience, I am excited to continue to learn about my teammates as well as their culture to expand my knowledge and experience for future opportunities.

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