X-Culture: Fun, but Challenging

Guest Blogger: Kara Dickinson, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Working on the X- Culture project has been both a fun experience but challenging this far. It is fun to get to know teammates from other countries and learn about their culture and where they are from. I have six people on my team including myself. Some of the places that my teammates are from are Ghana, Barbados, Thailand, etc.

The challenging part is the time changes and decision making. We have to work together and email each other to keep the information flowing. Also trying to Skype with each other is a challenge because some time differences are anywhere from a couple hours to twelve hours difference. The decision making process is also a challenging part of the process because we have six different people, that are living in six different countries and with six different opinions. This is because cultures, views, and ideas are different. But that is what makes it fun; you have to work together as a team to get a result.

So far my team has decided on Bio- Engineering. We have not yet decided on a company yet, but we have decided on and industry. We have discussed about which part of the industry we will focus on but have not yet decided our final company.

Overall so far X- Culture has been a good experience. I look forward to learning more about my team and working on deciding on a company/ product with in the Bio- Engineering industry.


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