X-Culture: Gaining a Deeper Understanding

Guest Blogger: SungWook Park

I’m from South Korea, and I’m studying aviation management in college of Aeronautic in Florida institute Technology. English is my third language. First language is Korean and second language is Japanese. Now I’m studying Chinese for my future. I love to learn other languages. Because when I learn other country’s language, then I could easy to understand their culture and philosophies. Anyway I didn’t want to work in my country Korea, because; I want to work in globally. The main point of this blog is that important element of communication and what we would prospect.


This world is wide, and languages difference. We need to understand and respect another country’s cultures. However, sometime we can’t do that. But we have to communicate and listen to other people’s message. When I started X-culture project it was really excite method. I could expect to meet worldwide friends. Now I have 4 team members. They have own difference education back ground, difference philosophies, and difference point of view. Base on we take communication, then even if we have such difference background that is not big deal. Then how could we take a great communication globally?


Always when you go to another country, you have to understand different culture expect. That is first step. When you go to other country you are neither any more American, African or something region people. You are just a human being and have to take everything with naturally. In my experience, I tried become a person of that country and tried to adopt with that countries culture as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter you are a yellow, white, and black. This is best way to understand culture philosophies.


However X-Culture Project is base on Internet. Then how could we understand or could we take excellent communication with people. First we need to think always they are difference. We could not be same person each other and could not have same philosophies, and then we just need to understand, which difference people have difference philosophies. Respect their back ground and culture. Moreover please don’t have self confident by self. Please study team members’ culture philosophies.


Beginning of project best thing is taking a communication. So far so good, I’m enjoying my #11 group. From now I will have a lot of challenge with my team mates. But I am not afraid at all. Beside I’m very excite about it.


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