X-Culture: Getting the Most Out of the Experience

Guest Blogger: Andrew Bartlett, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The X Culture Project is moving along great. Mostly all of our members got together through Skype, and got to talk about different things outside of our group project. Everyone seems to be getting along really well and sending in work for everyone to review before we put the final report together. Guys from Malaysia and Columbia Facebook me just to chat about life, and I have really grown to understand some other cultures during this product.The one main barrier we have had to work through is the time of the meetings. With Malaysia being 12 hours different, and people having to work on the weekends, we used doodle to set up times we were all free to talk about the project. I am learning about new tools such as doodle to help plan meetings and time zone differences. I have really enjoyed the project so far, and am looking forward to finishing up our report to see how it all flows together.



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