X-Culture: A Glimpse of the Future

Guest Blogger: Taylor Smith

At this point in the project it has become very clear to me that I am very lucky to have the group that I have been placed with. Though the group has gone from six members to now 4, we all get along very well. It is also nice because we are split up into only two time zones, therefore communication is very easy. We divided all of the work by the research that we did for each milestone. Our draft report is almost final and everything has moved along very smoothly. Coming into this project I anticipated a lot of issues to arise, however none of that has happened with my group. We are very cohesive and it is working out great! To me this is very good news because it gives me hope that I am heading in the correct direction with my major. Though this is a small scale version of what I hope to be doing in the future, it does make me excited that I am able to work with other cultures. This has been a very enjoyable experience for me!

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