X-Culture: It’s Halftime, Time for a Comeback

Guest Blogger: Mike Gomez

This is the second blog of this X-Culture project and needless to say, it is a more stressful one. At the start of the project, I thought it would be exciting – but still challenging to finish all the tasks asked for. After of few weeks, I have come to realize that communicating with people you have never met is tough.  I think it is important at the start of the project to distribute assignments within the group.

The problem my group was having is everyone knew something had to be done, but nobody wanted to stick their neck out to start the process going. It was as if we all were tired of watching the same channel, but nobody wanted to get up to get the remote. One of my teammates from Europe was giving her all to get the ball rolling. I was very impressed by how she took initiative, so I decided to just take the leader role of the group. I assigned everyone a task. My mindset was if I assign everyone a task, if someone was no longer participating, I could see exactly what part of the project I needed pick up the slack in.

We are getting our second wind now and hopefully the team will pull through and get the preliminary draft finished by the end of the week. I will not let us get a bad grade on this project. If my European team member and I have to do the entire project ourselves, we will. Its halftime, and we are down a few scores. But there is plenty of time left on the clock. We are not out of it yet.

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