X-Culture: Here We Go!

Guest Blogger, Kevin Bolhuis, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The X-Culture Project is an opportunity to experience something new that I have not done before. As a student, I feel that working with international students from all over the world will provide knowledgable and cultural opinions that differ from my own. I have heard in the past that it is a lot of work. So I have mixed emotions towards this project until we really start getting into things.

Everyone in our group has been contacted. We have been back and forth by email with one another. We set up a Facebook group, in order to communicate faster and easier with each other. Being friends on Facebook also allows us to see what interests and things each of us do outside of school. Personally, I hope my group works well together and everyone pulls their own weight on their part of the project in order to get a successful grade and make it a worth while experience. We had been just given a new team member and it will be interesting to hear about what he or she can contribute to the project.


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