X-Culture: In a Position to Succeed

Guest Blogger: Raymond Maggi, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

I am sad to say that with only a couple weeks left in the X-Culture, our wonderful time spent with our teammates from all over the world is slowly but surely coming to an end in regards to our project. As expected there are always ups and down within any project or business when working with others. As hard as it is to admit, our team did go through a period of non communication, but this wasn’t until after we have all assigned ourselves sections of the research. As any issues or concerns came up, my team or myself took immediate action becoming that helping hand get the team back on track.


With only less than  a week before our first draft is due, I am eager to show the world all the beautiful ideas my team and myself have been brainstorming these past couple of weeks. As I have heard many good things and bad about handing in rough drafts, I am more than confident that my team and I are taking the proper steps to put ourselves in the best possible position to succeed come October 21st.

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