X-Culture: In the End…

Guest Blogger: Hilary Lassoff, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Now that the X-culture report has come to a close, there is a big sigh of relief that the task was completed, and completed well. All of my group members put in a valid effort to make sure their parts were correct and that we met the projected deadlines for everything. I was happy with the final outcome of the report, and my group was able to communicate effective enough through the whole process to get everything right, and I think that says a lot. Even though it was a little hard at first to get the project rolling and started, once everyone was on board with the concept and the country, everyone did their best to make sure that we had a great report to hand in.


This was even a little shocking to me in that I found out that some classes in some of the countries really were not getting a grade for the report, which was shocking to me because the report was a decent part of the project as a whole. But I do believe that the most important thing about this project was to be able to effectively communicate with other people languages, and cultures. That in it was a big task, and being able to coordinate times and meetings and configuring around language barriers were all good training and learning tools for us as business majors. I enjoyed the x culture for the most part, yes it was somewhat tedious to have to constantly get the group together and long, long email chains were a little much, but all in all it was a fun, great learning experience. I hope that if I ever to do business internationally, this will have given me a little insight into trying to communicate with others from different cultures. I really enjoyed working with my one teammate from the UK. It seems as though whoever was the English speaking teammate, them and myself got the brunt of the work as in writing up extra parts and putting the report together. For the other teammates in which English was not their first language, I think in a way they were held to a little different of a standard.


All in all, I am glad that the project is completed and it is not longer a battle to hunt people down to get their work done, or proofread someone else’s work. I found this to be a big thing, because in America plagiarism is held to a much different standard then in that of other counties. I think that if the x-culture moving forward should definitely pick diverse countries, but also countries that have similar outlooks on such things.


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