X-Culture: Interestingly Interconnected International Interactions

Guest Blogger: Donald Swade, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


We are a few weeks into the project, and I’m very happy with my team. Everyone’s been responsive and eager to work, to the point that everyone volunteered for a specific part of the project. I figure that people who work on a part they volunteered for will do better than someone who just ended up “assigned” to it, so I expect we’ll do very well.


I’m honestly quite surprised. Usually when put into a team I find that there are one or two people that don’t participate and decide to not do any work. This isn’t the case for this project, despite the time, distance, and language barriers between us. It’s amazing how technology has evolved to allow a team like this to work together so well. I wouldn’t expect such a thing to be possible twenty years ago. The world is changing, and businesses need to recognize the importance of international interactions in order to keep up with this increasingly interconnected world.


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