X-Culture: It is Cool to See it All Come Together

Guest Blogger: Paige Redmon, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


This entire experience has been a lot easier than I had anticipated, I had heard from my classmates that some of their teammates didn’t communicate with them well or didn’t do the required work. I was tentative in what I expected from my group because even here at Florida Tech sometimes group members you count on and think will do a good job, drop the ball at the last minute. My group decided that they were going to compile the report 6 days before the rough draft was due, which was a little annoying to me because I was in Las Vegas enjoying my spring break at the time they wanted it turned in. I also from the beginning decided that I would not carry the team, as I have done on other projects to make sure it was properly done, I was nervous that my group would push me towards such a position because I had suggested our new product and organized who was doing each piece. Luckily I have some ambitious teammates who took the work upon themselves and finished it on time and almost to standard. Everyone has contributed their part and even helped to revise others. It is cool to see it all come together, but other than a few silly word choices I have felt no different working with this group of people than if I were to work with others here at school. This is nice because of the work we are able to accomplish, but also disappointing because it would be nice to take more from this other than how to email across time zones and work with people you never have met. My group is almost completed with our report which isn’t due for another 3 days, as an overwhelmed student I am extremely happy about that and also that I have only had to do a little bit more than my part because of how willing everyone was to help.

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