X-Culture: It’s a Small World

Guest Blogger: Cynthia Tony, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

My team and I decided to research McDonald for our project. We wanted to bring McDonald into Ghana and introduce what we called, “the McKelewele burger”. I can’t speak for the other members of my group but I had a good time working on this project. I usually prefer to work alone, so that I know I did everything the way I wanted it done, but we worked pretty well as a group.

We split up the work. Everybody did two parts and one member, Camilo, took an extra part to get it done. I was responsible for turning in the draft and the final report. I missed one of Camilo’s parts in the draft but everything was submitted in the final report. We all worked hard to correct whatever was wrong the first time so that we could do an even better job in the final paper.


I think it’s good to do this project because it helps us all understand how small the world really is. The fact that five people from different countries, continents and cultures could all collaborate and work together on one project is really amazing. This could not have been done twenty years ago, without the internet being what it is today. This really does show how globalized the world has become and we should all feel privileged to live in such a world, age and time.


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