X-Culture: It’s All Coming Together

Guest Blogger: Ellis White, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Now that I have become familiar with my teammates and learned a little about each of them, we all seem to be on the right track. The group collaborated on Facebook to decide which market to enter and the product to provide. After deciding on a product the next thing to be done was split up the sections of the proposal by creating a Google document.

Each team member was able to choose which sections they would like to compose by writing their name next to the section. I have used Google documents for other classes for group projects assignments, and for X-Culture this seems to be the perfect tool. Since the team is made up of  people from all over the world it creates a very diverse team with all different time zones and schedules, and with Google docs it makes it easy for anyone at any times to go and work on the assignment.

It seems that each of my teammates have started working on their sections and we have decided to have the first draft done by Oct 5th. This will allow the group enough time to read over the whole report and add to sections where we feel needed. I feel that my group will produce a great proposal and will adhere to the deadlines we have set. This project has been a great experience so far and is showing how easy it is to work with a global virtual team when you have dedicated team members.


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