X-Culture: It’s Always that Final Stretch

Guest Blogger: Gregory Herman, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Never an easy task bringing together the finishing touches on a major project. It didn’t help that I was in Las Vegas over spring break, without any Internet, and truthfully without any intentions to work on my X-Culture project until I returned to school. I at least made sure that before we left everyone understand what the objective was because I was the one who came up with the service, known as Adventure Day, that we are providing. After culminating a final design for our product after much time deliberating the details, I felt that everyone was on the same page. It turns out, one group member might have missed the memo that copying 100% from the Internet isn’t going to cut it with this project. After our team leader explained to him that he must “actually” provide his own work, I believe a light bulb went off because we were able to turn in our rough draft without hitting the highest percentage of copied information. On another note, one team member decided to discontinue staying in contact with the rest of the group, so we were left with a question mark is she was going to finish her part on time. This isn’t a difficult assignment; besides the fact we have to work with a team that we do not know. I just feel there could be some major improvements to the system. For instance, teams should be from only three schools, meaning that there will be two from each school. The final product would ultimately be better, just because of the accessibility to a team member.

Anyways, besides all of the negatives, I believe the service my group is providing could have great success in the real world. We came together to really make something that could be accessible and useful in any part of the world that has a great deal of tourism. Our greatest success was defining what we were doing, and it’s amazing that we were able to communicate it just through emails. I’m Looking forward to the final product and the relief that we completed this project as a team.


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