X-Culture: Leadership is Important

Guest Blogger: Yu-Hua Chen, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


The X-Culture project is an interesting and unforgettable experience. Our team chose a worldwide and well-known company, Apple Inc., for our project. And our target market is Myanmar. We had a trouble to make a plan for entering Myanmar, because the telecommunication system of Myanmar is control by their government, and the network system is out-dated. Fortunately, we still found a way and proper products to enter Myanmar market. We also did a great business proposal.

In our team, we have a leader. He is from England. At first, he set up a private club on Facebook. We discussed and communicated our ideas through the club. After we reached our consensus, we started to divide our work. Our leader told us when we should submit, and set up a Drop box for us to submit, look up, and modify our work.


I think it is helpful and efficient to have a leader for completing the project. A leader can unite a group of individuals. The criteria of a leader should be responsible, brave, and, in my opinion, English mother tongued or English professional. Our leader totally fits the criteria. He is responsible to remind every members to do their job, and when the deadline is patiently. And submitted our draft to the right place and on time. He is brave to take more work than other members. He looked over all of our work and summarized it. Needless to say, the responsibility he had is also a performance of bravery. Why do I think the leader should be an English expertise? Because writing a perfect assay is not a easy thing for me. I have a pattern of fixed writing style, using same grammar or same words again and again. Or I have grammar mistake sometimes, and use wrong or improper words. These mistakes should not be in a formal business proposal. I asked our leader to help me with correcting my work. He is so kind, and helped me.


I think this project can be completed, I would like to thanks for the technology, Instant Massage, Web-Cam, social network, and cloud computing. Without technology, this project would be even tougher. Furthermore, leadership also plays an important role in this project. I can image if our team did not have a leader, our work would not be completed on time, and it would be a low quality business proposal.


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